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IRS Wage Garnishment Release

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If the IRS has ordered a wage garnishment against you, we are certain you are struggling to compensate. This IRS wage garnishment will continue until your entire debt is paid in full or you agree to make an installment arrangement to repay your back tax debt. The IRS will contact your current employer and tell them that your wages are to be garnished, they must legally comply. Now other people are made aware of your personal problems. Your employer will then take a portion of your pay and send it to the IRS and then pay you what is left.

An IRS Wage garnishment can negatively affect credit, reputation, and the ability to receive a loan or open a bank account. Most people do not realize all of the negative ramifications that go along with this harsh collection method.

irs wage garnishment

There are many options that can be utilized, as an alternative method. You may pay the IRS in full, enter into an installment agreement, file for an offer in compromise, get declared uncollectible, file bankruptcy, change employers or quit your job. The most common methods to stop a levy are to enter into an installment agreement, pay in full or file for an offer in compromise. All of the above will lead to your IRS wage garnishment release.

Depending on the extent of your tax debt, an IRS wage garnishment can take up to 80% of your salary. There are no official guidelines in place stating exactly how much the IRS can take. Placing a wage levy or garnishment is a commonly used method for the IRS to utilize against a delinquent tax payer. Unfortunately, for the average person, it can be financially crippling.

Should you currently have an IRS wage garnishment, there are several different options that we can utilize to help you restore your life and collect your paycheck every period, untouched. An IRS wage garnishment can be halted after the levy/garnishment has begun. You will not know the complete benefit of hiring a professional, until you allow one of our Certified Public Accounts, IRS Enrolled Agents or IRS Attorneys examine your case, as there can be so many variables involved, we are hesitant to prescribe a quick fix.

We will be better able to see what option we can offer you an alternate, after we hear the details of your case and request the documentation from which the Internal Revenue Service is basing the tax amount owed. One important fact you should know is that even though your IRS wage garnishment is in place, interest and penalties are still added, as you are considered not “in compliance”.

Once one of our experts has spoken to you and we feel comfortable with your case details, we can make that important call to have your IRS wage garnishment release issued. As the IRS requires, at that time we will set up and negotiate an installment arrangement that you can live comfortably with. Nationwide Tax Group has many years of experience and will work hard to make this bearable for you.

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